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Celebrate National Cafe Au Lait Day All Year

Cafe Au Lait Photo Source: Flicker/ Christopher Cornelius

February 17, 2024 is National Cafe Au Lait Day. It is coffee that originated in France that uses half a cup of coffee and half steamed milk. It is made with fresh pot of brewed coffee and topped with hot steamed milk.

Using milk in your coffee dates back to 8000 B.C. In Europe milk was used to make dairy products at farms. The milk came from cows, goats, and sheep. Other historians believed that using milk with coffee began in Kenya and the Sudan in 6,000. B.C.

Coffee Au Lait originated in France in the 1600s when mixing coffee with milk was discovered to taste good. Coffee Au Lait can be made with dark roasted coffee, blends, and single origin roasted beans. It is brewed using dark and lighter coffee roasts. The beverage became a daily staple in France. It was often served in the morning at cafes for made at home.

In Spain it is called Cafe Con Leche, Poland calls it Kava Biala or white coffee, and Germany calls it MichKaffee or milk coffee. Coffee Au Lait in New Orleans is made with coffee grounds, chicory, and steamed milk. This coffee must be served hot.

Coffee Au Lait is often served in coffee shops that students, artists, and businesses people frequent. It is recommended to use the type of coffee you enjoy drinking to make this beverage.

Photo Source Wix Media

How To Celebrate Coffee Au Lait Day

Ground Coffee and Beans: Photo Source: Tibaaqua

  • Learn to make Cafe Au Lait at home and enjoy it in the morning or for a break. Buy ground coffee at your local supermarket or coffee roaster. Look for a recipe online or in a cookbook.

  • Order a Cafe Au Lait at your local Starbucks coffee shop. It is called Cafe Misto and they use Caffee Verona coffee. If you want to make it at home visit their website for a recipe on how to make it.

Starbuck Coffee: Photo Source: Common Wikimedia

  • Make coffee au lait at home for your family and friends. Have a small gathering and serve sandwiches, appetizers, or desserts with it. It can be an informal gathering that celebrates the winter months.

Cafe Au Lait Recipe For Home Or The Office


You will need a drip coffee pot, small pan, French press or whisk, measuring spoons, and cups to serve the coffee.

4 tablespoons of ground coffee

8 ounces of cold water per cup

2 cups of milk or 1/2 cup of milk per cup

Sugar optional

Brew a pot of coffee in your drip coffee maker. Use 1 tablespoon of ground coffee per cup. While the coffee brews measure two cup of milk in a pan on the stove and bring to a boil. If you have a French Press remove the plunger and put the heated milk in the pot. Plunge the milk for about 1 minute and add the milk to the freshly brewed coffee.

French Press: Photo Source: En-Wikipedia

Another way to steam milk is to heat it on low on the stove and use a whisk. A hand held milk frother is another way to add bubble or volume to the milk. Transfer heated milk to a container and use frother . When coffee is brewed pour coffee into cups and add steamed milk. Add sugar if desired. Most recipes used half hot coffee and half steamed milk. Some coffee shops pour the coffee and milk at the same time. Serves 4.

Animation Source: Giphy

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