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Celebrate National Nutrition Month In March

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The month of March is National Nutrition Month and gives you and your family a chance to learn about eating healthy and the importance of exercise. The month was established by The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in 1973 to educate consumers about making healthy food choices, establishing heathy eating patterns, and regular exercise.

A new trend in many restaurants is sourcing food from local farms and businesses and creating healthy entrees for customers. It is called the farm to table movement and most communities have restaurants that use this method. This is a good month to start a diet, find ways to eat healthier, lose weight, take a cooking class, meet with a dietitian or nutritionist, start an indoor or outdoor garden, and adopt an exercise program that works for you.

Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

Fresh Produce: Source: En. Wikipedia

  • Shop for more fruits and vegetables at local supermarkets or farm market where you live. Try some new varieties of fruits and vegetable with your meals.

  • Learn to grow vegetables and herbs indoors or outdoors this year. It will produce another way to get fresh produce. Start a small container garden inside or small herb or vegetable garden outside.

Container Gardening: Source: Desperate Gardener

  • Look for healthy recipes online there are many different recipe sites with different types of healthy cuisine. Take a cookbook out of your local library or buy a cookbook at a local bookstore. Try some new recipes using fruits and vegetable you never had before.

  • Take a basic cooking course online or at a local high school or community college. You will learn some new skills and how to maintain a healthier diet.

Adult Asian Cooking Class: Source: Flicker/Larry Hoffman

  • Do you need to lose weight, suffer from a chronic illness, obesity, or eating

  • disorder? Consider an appointment with a registered dietitian or nutritionist. They can help you change your eating habits, develop a healthy eating routine, mange a chronic illness, and help you lose weight. Your doctor will have to refer you in most cases.

Healthy Weight Loss and Obesity Prevention

Source: Adjoinyphilos/Wikidot

According to Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health low fat diets do are not always successful in helping you lose weight. They have too many carb in them like white bread, rice, pasta, and sugar. High protein diets have lower carbs but higher fat. Moderate protein intake can be healthier than a low fat diet.

Look for lean meats, poultry and fish that is grassfed and free range without hormones, antibiotics and additives Find recipes that use whole grains, fruits and vegetables, nuts, healthy oils, and dairy. Avoid too much sugar, baked goods, items made with white flour, salt and processed foods.

Add some form of exercise to your daily routine. Use a form of exercise that you enjoy doing that way you will stick with it. Walking, running, biking, yard work, housework, swimming, yoga, gardening, hiking, or working out at the gym are all ways to exercise. Try to exercise about 1/2 an hour per day.

If you belong to a club or work in an office or school, try to get a dietitian or nutritionist to talk about healthy eating. Invite friends or club member for a potluck dinner with healthy entrees.

Try some new fruits and vegetable each week at home during the month of March. After March try making it a regular routine.

Websites For Healthy Recipes

These are Websites to visit for Healthy recipes from different cultures. These sites are not linked so you will have to search for them in your search engine on the Internet.

Animation Source: Giphy

Vegetarian Recipe Websites

Cookie and Kate

Love and Lemons

Mexican Meal Photo Source: Wix Media

Mexican Recipe Websites

Mexico In My Kitchen

Healthy Mexican Recipes Food Network

Spanish Recipe Websites

Paella Photo Source: Wix Media

Healthy Spanish Recipes Eating Well

Spanish Sabores

Margarita Pizza: Source: Wix Media

Italian and Other Cuisine Recipe Websites

Giada's Best Healthy Recipes

The Mediterranean Dish- This site has Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Tunisian, Spanish, Turkish, Lebanese, and Egyptian recipes.

Spaghetti with Cherry Tomatoes: Wix Media

Soul Food Recipe Websites

Soul Food Buffet: Photo Source: Douglas Alumni Blogspot

The Soul Food Pot

Stay Snatched

Chinese Recipe Websites

Asian Cuisine: Photo Source: Wix Media

Wok of Life

Yum China

Japanese Recipe Websites

Japanese Food: Wix Media

Just One Cookbook

Chef JA Cooks

Indian Recipe Websites

Indian Chicken Curry: Wix Media

Feast With Safiya

Archana's Kitchen

Photo Source: Commons. Wikimedia


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American Society for Nutrition

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