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Celebrate National Walking Day All Year

The American Heart Association in 2007 established National Walking Day to help you fight heart disease and promote healthy living. On April 3, some towns and cities have special events and program to raise awareness of this holiday. Walking is one of the simplest exercises and one of the easiest to do to stay active. It can reduce stress, improve your mood, and help prevent and help you cope with chronic illness.

Walking helps to build strong bones, muscles, improves mental health, and concentration. You can walk in many places around your house, at the office, in your neighborhood, at work. or where you attend school. Walk through your neighborhood, if you own a dog, you will both benefit from walking. Try walking downtown in your town or city but be sure to stick to areas withthat are safe with sidewalks and lights.

Walking In the City Photo Source: Pxhere

Places to Go Walking

You can walk in local parks, along hiking trails, beaches, in cities, towns, and in your own neighborhood. Walk in different locations to change the scenery and make the walk more interesting. There are different type of walking that can provide you with aerobic and strength training exercise you need. You can combine different types of walking for a more diverse workout.

Brisk Walking

Brisk walking is walking at a quicker pace than your average walking speed. It helps you move faster and strengthen the muscles of the legs and arms. Many walkers move their arms and legs at the same time and increase the speed of how they walk. You can vary the speed of your walking by including brisk walking as part of the routine.


Strolling means walking slowly observing what is around you. You look at the buildings, homes, birds, trees, gardens, and landscape. The benefit of this type of walking is more mental than physical. It reduces stress, improves your concentration, and helps you relax. It benefits your health because it reduces stress.


Women Hiking Source: Pxhere

Hiking involves walking on varied terrain that goes uphill, downhill, or remains flat in a forest, or natural setting. On a hiking trail the terrain will be uphill, flat, or downhill. It may take more coordination and balance to walk this type of trail. It works the muscles and provides a scenic place to walk.

Meditation or Self Reflection Walking

Meditation Walking Source: Flicker/Kevin Hutchinson

During this type of walking, you focus on your breathing and how you inhale and exhale. While you're walking you should focus on your surrounding and observing what is going on around you. When performing meditation walking you should look at the homes, buildings, people, and traffic around you. This type of walking reduces stress, improves concentration, and your mood.

Social Walking

This is a way to connect with friends, co-workers, and club members. You can walk with others at work during lunch, on breaks, or at a club meeting You can arrange a club or professional meeting where members can walk as part of the meeting agenda. Walking is a great way to discuss something with a family member or friend. It can be just a way to connect, get exercise, and catch up with the latest news. It may be more productive than texting and emails.

Comfortable Shoes Source: Public Domain Pictures

Tips For Walking Safely

  1. Walk in a safe place with sidewalks and lights in towns city downtown areas. Choose safe hiking trails, nature trails, state parks, and areas designed for walkers.

  2. Wear sneakers or comfortable shoes and loose comfortable clothing. Wear a hat when it is sunny and bring some bottled water. When walking alone go to area located in busy areas with traffic and visibility.

  3. Watch the ground for cracks, pits, stones, and obstacles that cause falls. Watch for cars, bikes, pets and other persons walking or biking in the area.

  4. Know your limits and only walk as far as you are used to. Look both ways when crossing a street.

  5. Bring your cell phone when walking or tell someone where you are going and when you will return.

Walking Across The Street Animation Source Giphy

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