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Eating Healthy-Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes Awareness Month in November began in 1975 and was recognized by President Regan. The goal of this month is to share knowledge, and learn to promote a healthy diet for diabetics. In the 1980's Congress recognized this month as a way to address the diabetes epidemic.

Diabetes Plate Method

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The Diabetes Plate Method calls for 1/2 plate non starchy vegetables, 1/4 plate of carbs and 1/4 protein. You can use 1/3 of each catergory if you do not like the portion sizes of this method. The food in your meal should include fresh fruits and vegetables, grass fed and hormone free meat, poultry and wild caught fish.

They recommend whole grain breads, nuts, seeds, brown rice, whole grain pasta, beans, and healthy oils. Avoid white bread, processed foods and food with too much sugar and carbs. Drink water or a non-calorie beverage.

You can combine the foods on the plate by making soups, salads, stews, chili, stir fry recipes, sheet pan recipes, pizza and pasta dishes. Vegetarian pizza dishes and pasta are better choices than fatty meat dishes. Eat fruit in moderation fresh or frozen are good choices. 1/2 cup to 1 cup with yogurt or squeeze of lemon juice is a delicious dessert.

Tips When Eating Out

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Start the meal with soup or salad that contains fresh vegetable or an low calorie appetizer like shrimp cocktail or clams on the half shell. When you eat with a group order what you can eat not what you should not have.

Avoid entrees that are fried, have too much bread, fat, sugar or salt. Sandwiches that come with soup or salad, chili, stews, hamburgers with side of slaw or salad, salmon, filet mignon, soup, vegetarians pizza small or vegetarian pasta dishes. chicken with vegetables, broiled fish, or seafood stews, broth based soup, fajitas, or tacos with plenty of veggies.

Order small portions or ask the restaurant to serve you a smaller portion. Look for entrees that serve vegetables, healthy starches, and lean protein. Too much sugar or carbs will elevate your blood sugar. Drink 1 glass of wine or beer with meals not two and do not order mixed drinks. A healthy mocktails is a good choice too.

Try to avoid fast food restaruants as they focus on carbs, fat, and salt. Many now are serving healthier options so when eating there order these items. Changing your diet starts with you and it is never easy. to do.


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A regular exercise rountine will help you control your diabetes. A regular walking routine, yoga, doing housework, biking, jogging, running, swimming, yard work, or gardening are good hobbies. If you like groups joining a gym or spa, club, or community center can connect you with others that like the same thing.

Include exercise with your diet for a more effective program. Try to reduce stress and get enough sleep every night.

Websities With Diabetic Recipes

  • American Diabetes Assocation Diabetes Food Hub

  • Eating Well Healthy Diabetes Friendly Recipes

  • Diabetic Gourmet Magazine

Tips on Celebrating Diabetes Awarness Month

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  • Eat out at a vegetarian restaurant and try a new entree

  • Search for a recipes for diabetics and make it for yourself or your family

  • Add more salads and soups to you meals

  • Try a diabetic dessert recipe

  • Invite over someone with diabetes and prepare a healthy meal

  • When you have company always include healthy choices in meals

  • Learn about carbs and sugar and how to control your blood sugar levels

  • Take a cooking class that helps you learn to make healthier meals

  • Start an exercise rountine that you will enjoy and stick to


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