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How to Create A Healthy Mediterranean Charcuterie Board

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

You might want to create a healthy charcuterie board for a family dinner or entertaining. When you make your own at home you can control the ingredients and foods it includes. A charcuterie board has vegetables, fruits, cheese, lean meats, fish, and poultry, breads, and spreads.

It can be served on a platter, cutting board, or plates. You will need spoons, forks, spatulas, knifes for cutting meats, cheese, and breads. You can make the charcuterie board Mediterranean using the European countries of France, Italy, Spain and Greece. These countries have a wide variety of healthy vegetables, cheeses, meat, fish, poultry, whole grain breads, nuts, seeds, and fruit.

You will find this is great way to entertain or liven up your family meal. Many items can be prepared quickly, and you can prepare your own recipes if you have the time. This can be served any time of year.

What to Serve on A Healthy Mediterranean Charcuterie Board

Some suggestions on what to serve on a healthy charcuterie board.

  • cut vegetables and dip

  • whole grain bread

  • cheese

  • nuts

  • roast beef

  • turkey breast

  • chicken breast

  • ham

  • shrimp

  • salmon

  • tuna

  • hummus

  • fresh fruits

  • salads

  • olives

  • crackers

  • yogurt and fruit

  • tomatoes

  • cucumbers

  • olives

  • pickled vegetables

  • dips

  • hummus

  • blue cheese

  • feta cheese

  • goat cheese

  • Provolone

  • Cheddar

  • Manchego

  • Gorgonzola

Tips For Making Your Charcuterie Board Healthier

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Serve whole wheat or whole grain bread, rye, pumpernickel, gluten free, or oat. These breads have more fiber and nutrition that traditional white bread.

Use lean meats like roast beef, steak, turkey breast, chicken, and ham. Use less of high fat and high salt processed meats.

Serve cheese that has nutrients and is lower in sodium and fat. Best cheeses to serve according to dietitians are mozzarella, blue cheese, feta, ricotta, Swiss, cheddar, and goat cheese. Serve high fat cheeses in moderation.

Choose tasty or crisp vegetables tomatoes, cucumbers carrots, onions, peppers, radishes, greens, celery, avocados. Make a Greek salad, antipasto, Cobb Salad, Chef Salad, or Cole slaw.

Serve fresh or dried fruits with dips or plain with a dash of lemon or lime. Serve grapes, apples, peaches, figs, berries, pineapple, citrus fruit, kiwi. and other fruits that do not get brown. Use lemon juice to keep fruit from browning. Fruit salad is a good choice for a side dish.

Whole grain pasta salads or rice can make a tasty side dish and even soup kept warm in a crock pot can be served on the side.

Beverages to serve with the food are flavored seltzer water, low sugar fruit juice, lemonade, iced tea, cold coffee drinks, wine and beer for adults.

Photo Source: Pexels

Sites with good recipes for charcuterie boards are The Mediterranean Dish, Kitchen Community Mediterranean Recipes, and Eating Well, and Heathy Mediterranean Recipes.


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