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How to Have A Green Sustainable Thanksgiving

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This year you may want to have a sustainable green Thanksgiving. Buying your food locally is a good place to start. Instead of traveling far away perhaps have your meal at home with local friends and relatives. Call your family at a distance them on the holiday and talk to them.

The Menu

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Shop for a local turkey that is raised without hormones and antibiotices. Buy a turkey breast when you have only 2 to 4 people and eat less. Add plenty of fruits and vegetabes to your meal. Try Turkey soup, salad, vegetable side dishes, potatoes, gluten free stuffing, and less desserts. Local grown food is fresher and has less distance to travel when being shipped.

Celebrate your holiday at home instead of traveling long distances. Instead of eating or catering the meal try making a smaller meal at home or have a pot luck where everyone brings something. Make food from scratch and limit what people bring.

Make foods that you can eat later as leftovers. Use leftover vegetables and meats to make soup stock. Soak vegetables in warm water about 5 minutes before cooking or using in salad. Think about making less so you do not waste food.

Freeze what is leftover to use at another time . Serve food on china or stoneware plates. Avoid plastic plates and cutlery. Paper is better than plastic.

Add More Vegetable Side Dishes to Your Menu and Heathy Desserts

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Add more vegetable side dishes to your meal this years. Soups, salads, pototoes, vegetables, vegetarian pasta recipes, Below are some sites that have vegetarian recipes for Thanksgiving.

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Photo Source: Wix Media

Activities to Engage In

  • Donate money or food to your local soup kitchen or food pantry. Whether you give money, food items, or volunteer your time, every donations helps those in need.

  • Plan to take a walk that day at a local park or hiking trail. Walking is good exercise after a meal and helps you maintain your health.

  • If you like sports attend a local football game with family or friends before the main meal.

  • Watch the game on TV in the afternoon and plan other activities for other guests.

  • Take a bike ride, jog, get outside and play a game softball. Find a way to get some exercise after the meal.

  • Plan some games to entertain guests after eating like monopoly, checkers, chess, bingo, cards, or scrabble.

  • Take a drive to new destination park, hiking trail, or scenic stop,

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