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National Anti-Boredom Month For Kids and Adults

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Summer often turns into many long boring days when adults and kids at home do not have hobbies or interests. Adults and children will find a hobby or interesting activities makes the day more enjoyable.

Overall, it benefits both adults, teens, and children to develop a hobby or interest. National Anti Boredom month was started by Alan Caruba in the 1980's a man who wanted to see people develop interest and hobbies.

Boredom can cause depression, anxiety, and even health issues. Charles Dickens book Bleak House mentions boredom. One researcher named John Eastwood conducted a study on boredom . Many studies have been conducted on boredom by universities like Harvard University, York University and University of Waterloo in Canada.

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Ways to Celebrate National Boredom Month For Childrens and Adults

  • Libraries: Your local library has programs for children and adults that can provide a hobby or interest in many different subjects. They have reading groups, computer activities, crafts, movies, author visits, and sometimes bus trips. Reading is a good hobby in the summer or any time of year.

  • Many local non-profit organizations and schools have organized summer school, outdoor activities, day camp, sports, swimming, and summer programs. Local theaters offer acting classes for children and teens . Local museums often have classes for kids and adults in different subjects.

  • Any kind of exercise is good for your physical and mental health. Walk in the early morning or later evening in the warmer weather when it is cool. Go to a local park or beach and walk or take a swim. Start a small garden or care for potted plants outdoors or indoors. Find a type of exercise that you and your children enjoy. Biking, hiking, swimming, tennis, skating, team sports, jogging, yard work, cleaning all provide you with exercise.

  • When money is limited look for activities that are free that you and your child can participate in. Some activities at libraries are free or cost a small amount. Many outdoor concerts in the summer are free and provide entertainment and an enjoyable evening. Summer has many festivals or outdoor activities that will be free.

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  • Develop an interest to do at home try some new recipes. Teach your kids how to cook or help you with meals. Try some new recipes. Learn something online that is educational. Plant a garden or grow plants in pots let your children help you. Train your children to help you with cleaning the house and learning to keep their rooms organized.

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  • Spend time alone with creative project writing, drawing, crafts, web design, exercise, yoga, gardening, workouts, or weightlifting. Learn to bake, make more vegetarian entrees or side dishes, or learn to cook a new cuisine, Remember boredom can be a opportunity for creativity.

Explore Some New Hobbies or Interests

During this month explore some new interests or hobbies, develop an exercise routine , and find ways to do something at home that you enjoy. Find activities that children like and have an interest Try to encourage children to participate in activities they show an interest in.

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