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National Coffee Day On September 29

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

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A Brief History

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National Coffee Day celebrated on September 29 was created by the National Coffee Association. The holiday was established on September 29, 2005. The holiday promotes awareness of the economic, social, and environmental issues faced by coffee farmers, and workers in the industry.


Coffee became popular in 1773 when American revolted against the British tea tax. They replaced tea with coffee to rebel against the British rule. In the 1960's specialty coffee became popular with consumers.

In 1971 the Starbuck's chain opened and is still a popular coffee shop today worldwide. Dunkin Donuts is another popular chain in the US.

Coffee is called java, joe, mud and many other names depending on where you live. The United States imports about 20% of the world's coffee. Most people drink coffee for the caffeine to keep awake, stay alert, and for the flavor. Experts say drinking 3-5 cups of coffee per day is acceptable for healthy adults.

A trick to use to cut down is to drink coffee in a smaller cup at home. A normal size cup has 8 ounces a smaller cup holds 5 ounces or more. This way you can have coffee without the effects or too much caffeine. Learn to savor the taste of coffee and enjoy it when you drink it.

What to Do on National Coffee Day

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  • Look for special deals at your local coffee shop or restaurants. Many shops and restaurants offer free coffee with the purchase of another product. Crispy Creme, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks offer special deals on this day in most areas.

  • Some coffee manufacturers offer a discount on coffee when you purchase it on the website that day. Eight O' Clock Coffee offers 10% off on National Coffee Day. Keurig will be offering special deals, and contests on their coffeemakers and C-cups on this day. Check local retailers for more information.

  • Go to a local coffee shop and try a new coffee beverage or buy a new type of coffee you never tried before.

  • Find a recipe for coffee you never tried and make it at home for family or friends.

Coffee Recipes to Try

Anise Orange Coffee

8 tablespoons ground Columbian coffee

8 cups cold water

1 teaspoon ground anise seeds

Zest of one orange grated

2 packet or teaspoons sugar

Brew a pot of coffee by using 8 tablespoons of ground coffee and 8 cups water, add the ground anise seed, orange zest and sugar directly to the grounds before brewing mix well. Zest the skin of the orange onto a plate using a zester. Brew the coffee then serve with sugar and cream.

Tips: Grind the anise seed in an electric coffee grinder before adding to grounds. Orange zest is the skin of an orange grated. Use a zester or grater to remove orange peel.

Irish Coffee: Photo Source: En Wikipedia

Irish Coffee For Adults

1 or two tablespoons wild turkey whiskey per cup

2 cup strong black coffee

1 tablespoon sugar per cup

1 can whipped cream for topping.

Serves 2

Brew a pot of strong coffee keep hot. In a cup put one tablespoon of sugar pour the whiskey over the sugar. Add the hot coffee next. Then add the whipped cream serve immediately.

Cafe Au Lait: Photo Source: Christoper Cornelius on Flicker


2 cups of hot brewed coffee

1 cup milk

1 cup light cream

Sugar (optional)

Brew a pot of coffee keep coffee warm after you brew it. In a saucepan combine the milk and cream stir over low heat. Heat until hot but do not boil. Beat with whisk or handheld mixer until foamy. Pour into a serving container. For each 8 oz cup of coffee pour coffee and cream mixture at same time until full. The cup should have half coffee and half milk mixture. Add sugar if desired. Makes 2 servings.

Iced Coffee: Photo From Wix Media


2 cups strong brewed Columbian coffee chilled

2 scoops of coffee chocolate or vanilla ice cream

Whipped Cream

Brew a pot of coffee in your drip coffee maker and chill in the refrigerator a few hours. In a blender combine two cups of the coffee, and two scoops of ice cream until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve. Garnish with whipped cream Serves 2.

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