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Ways To Celebrate National Pasta Month All Year

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

October is National Pasta Month, and you will find it's a great time for you try new recipes from different countries and regions of the US. Most pasta recipes originate in Italy, but most countries have pasta recipes and popular types of pasta they use. Why just celebrate this holiday in October when you can celebrate it all year long.

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A Brief History of Pasta

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Recipes appeared in Italian recipe books in the early 1200s. In the 12th century spaghetti was produced in Sicily Italy. This was recorded by a Muslim historian that served at the court of Sicilian King Roger II. In the 14th and 15th century production of pasta across Italy was commonplace.

In 1789 Thomas Jefferson while traveling in Europe bought a pasta maker and brought it back to the United States. He was visiting as an ambassador to France. He designed a pasta machine with instructions for making pasta.

The first pasta factory in the US opened 1848 in Brooklyn NY. It was a French immigrant named Antonine Zerega that started the factory. He delivered his products with one horse and dried the pasta in the sun. In 1904, the National Pasta Association was formed. It was first called The National Association of Macaroni and Noodle Manufacturers of America at first.

Canned macaroni was introduced in 1928 called Chef Boyardee. It could be heated quickly on the stove and became a household name for consumers. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese was introduced in 1937 packaged in a box with all the ingredients to make the dish. It became another popular American dish.

Different Types of Pasta

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Different countries have different types of pasta shapes and types associated with their country. Italy is known to have the most varieties because pasta is a main part of their cuisine. Below is a list of some of the type of pasta found in some countries.


  • Spaghetti-Sicily

  • Penne

  • Macaroni-Naples

  • Ravioli

  • Farfalle-Lombardi

  • Linguine-Geona

  • Fettuccini- Lazio

  • Orzo

  • Rigatoni-Rome


  • Glass Noodles

  • Rice Noodles

  • Rice Vermicelli

  • Glass Noodles

  • Wonton Noodles


  • Spätzle


  • Crozet flat square noodles made from wheat or buckwheat


  • Fideo -Noodles

Ways to Celebrate National Pasta Month

  • Visit online websites with international pasta recipes. Try some new recipes that you never had before. Good websites are Taste Atlas, Share the Pasta, The Kitchen, Taste of Home, and Leites Culinaria.

  • Take a cooking course and learn to make fresh pasta and sauces. Buy a cookbook and try some new recipes

  • Have a potluck and invite family and friends to bring different pasta dishes.

  • Go to a local restaurant and try a pasta dish you never had before.

  • Buy different shapes of pasta or made from different ingredients to try at home.

  • Try a sauce that does not use tomato!

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