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Earth Day Activities To Practice All Year

Earth Day was April 24th and all over the world people celebrated with sustainable activities. Below are ways that you can celebrate Earth Day all year long.

Earth Day Photo: Source: Public Domain Pictures

Adding Vegetarian Entrees To Your Diet

Greek Salad: Photo Source: Public Domain Pictures

  • Find ways to add more vegetarian dishes or recipes to your diet. Visit online websites with recipes, borrow a cookbook from the library, or buy a book at the local bookstore. Look for new recipes that you would like to try soups, salads, side dishes and main entrees. Make these dishes for meals with family and friends. Throw a pot luck party and have everyone bring a vegetarian dish.

  • Some websites to visit for vegetarian recipes:

101 Vegetarian Recipes We've Got On Dinner Repeat, Bon Appetit

50 Best Vegetarian Meals, Love and Lemons

Vegetarian Dinner Recipes, The Mediterranean Dish

65 Best Vegetarian Dinner Recipes, Feasting At Home

  • Shop at your local farm markets and support local farms that sell products. Look for local companies and farms that sell products at your local supermarket.

  • Plan meals before shopping and learn to eat leftovers and find way to cut waste. If you have a garden use leftover food for composting. Leftover bones and vegetables can be used to make soup stock for soups and stews.

  • Volunteer time to help at a local soup kitchen or food pantry. Dontate food items or kitchen supplies if they cook food or give a donation to help keep the organization funded. Donate time to help with a community garden that supplies food to those in need.

  • Replace plastic containers for storing food with glass or containers made with safer materials. Eat on plates made of glass, stoneware or ceramics not plastic. Use real silverware and drink beverages out of glasses. Use paper instead of plastic for picnics and entertaining.

Vegetarian Pizza Photo Source Wall Paper Pizza

Outdoor Activities

Walking in The Woods: Pixels

  • Take a walk outside in your neighborhood, at local parks, downtown, or at the beach. Exercise outdoors, walk, bike, run, or swim. Set up an outdoor exercise or yoga area on your patio, deck, or in the yard.

Herbs: Photo Source Desperate Gardener

  • Buy some herbs or vegetables to raise inside or in your garden. Taking care of herbs and plants is a good way to practice Earth Day activities in a small way.

  • Buy a bird feeder for outdoors and feed the birds or buy a bird bathe and observe them. Clean your bird feeder and bird bath weekly. Buy some plants for your deck or patio to take care of.

Bikers: Photo Source: Pxhere

Buy Some Books on Nature or Green Living For Children Or Adults

Earth Day Forest Image Source: Public Domain Pictures

Learn more about sustainable green practices by buying books for children, adults or yourself to read. Books teach sustainable practices for using food, taking care of plants and animals, and treating the environment with respect. Some books are for children are:

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Magic School Bus Inside the Earth

Compost Stew

A-Z Recipes For the Earth,

Touch the Earth

Heal the Earth

I Can Name 50 Trees Today

Why Should I Recycle

The Lorax Image Source: Prindle Institute

Books For Adults

Green Living A Comprehensive Guide to A Happy and Sustainable Life

The Uninhabitable Earth

No One Is too Small To Make A Difference

Garbage In Popular Culture Consumption and Aesthetics of Waste

Climate of Hope How Cities, Businesses and Citizens Can Save The Planet

Utterly Amazing Earth

Green Living: Image Source: Flicker/Matt Walker69


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