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National Garden Meditation Day

Small Meditation Garden: Pinterest

National Garden Meditation Day celebrated on May 3 gives you a chance to see the relationship of gardening and meditation. This holiday was introduced by C.L. Fornari in 2000 known as The Garden Lady and it became a national holiday.

On this day you can sit outside in the yard and enjoy nature, mediate near your garden, walk in nature in your neighborhood, at a local park, or hiking trail. You can work in your garden, do yardwork, cook a vegetarian meal, hold a potluck dinner or visit a botanical garden. There are many ways to celebrate this holiday.

A meditation garden can be a quiet place free from distractions. It allows you to sit quietly or walk and think. Some gardens have a water element like water fall, pond, or fountains. They are designed in different ways. You do not have to have a meditation garden to National Garden Meditation day. The main point is that you are outdoors in nature with a chance to relax and think.

Koi Pond and Path Photo Source: Flicker/Wonderlane

A Brief History of Meditation

Woman Meditating in the Forest Photos Source: Pexels

Meditation was practiced in the 5th and 6th century in South Asian cultures. Many people created gardens and spaces that were made to meditate in nature. The concept came from Chinese and Japanese cultures. Meditation gardens today often have water feature, plants, wind chimes, and garden decor. Many homes have their own meditation garden designed by professional garden designers.

Ways to Celebrate Garden Meditation Day

Meditation by The Lake Photo Source: Public Domain Picture

  • Go outside and sit in your yard or garden in a chair or on a mat or blanket. Admire the flowers, trees, plants, birds, and scenery. You can meditate while you are outdoors, work in the garden, weed, trim, or plant flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

  • Visit a botanical garden or park or walk through your neighborhood. You can visit a local park or nature trails or even walk along the beach. When you mediate you can be walking and focusing on your breathing while you walk.

  • After school or work do some work in the yard or garden with your children. Go to a garden center and buy some flowers, vegetables, or herbs to plant or care for indoors.

Vegetarian Food Gif Source Giphy

  • Make a vegetarian meal for your family or friends. Throw a potluck where everyone brings a vegetarian entree for a change of pace. Find recipes online or look in your own cookbook collection.

  • Buy a book for your children on gardening or meditation or borrow a book from the local library. Reading outdoors in nature is a nice way to celebrate Garden Meditation Day. Learn some new skills by reading about an interesting subject.

  • Write an essay or poem about trees, flowers, vegetables, birds, or animals that you see outdoors. Get your children to do the same. Read your poems or essays aloud.

Learn How to Meditate

Meditating Near a Pond Photo Source: Wix Media

There are many articles online on meditation to read and learn how to practice it. Below are some articles about meditation for beginners. When meditating turn off you cell phones or leave them home. Avoid other distractions radio, computers, and TV.

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